Customised screens, built and delivered when you need them. Either a once off to find names that suit a current theme, or regular feeds that help you find the right names for your investment.

Custom Charting

Charting just about anything. Why spend the time trying to find and calculate the data for your presentations - just let us do it for you. Once off or regular updates, just let us know what you want.

Quantitative Analysis

Customised quant analysis - from market performance metrics and what is driving the market, to what is driving an individual company. Customised Alpha scores and data feeds to help you get trading faster.

Street Sentiment

Customised Indicators showing the levels of sell-side sentiment. Indicators at both the market/index level or the company level, down to broker level changes and "Breaking from the Herd" analysis.

Technical Analysis

From very short term intra-day analysis on what is driving the market, to longer term trading strategies to help you get into (or out of) the names you want at the right price.


With access to a vast and long term economics database, and the number of items growing daily, we can find that data that you are looking for, and run the analysis you require.


Need database or infrastructure setup? We can get you up and running with everything you need fast. Either on your infrastructure or ours, just let us know what it is you need and we can get you moving.


We are constantly scouring academia for the latest research ideas to tweak for your coverage or interest. Keep watching this space for exciting and topical research to get you thinking a little differently.

Anything Else

Got a project/analysis and not sure where to begin? Need some data or analysis to back a hypothesis? Presentation due tomorrow? Contact us and we can get you on your way.